McClure and Feuer


”McClure & Feuer thinks first, only and always about building relationships that endure.” Jon Sobel Chief Legal Officer, Calera


The fortitude of any organization lies in the quality and greatness of its team members. At McClure & Feuer, we dedicate ourselves to making placements that are not simply an addition to your team, but rather an enrichment. By investing a significant amount of initial time understanding our clients’ objectives, we are better prepared to provide thoughtful guidance as your trusted advisor. It’s this commitment to developing such a sound foundation upfront that has helped us achieve an unrivaled, industry reputation.

We are deeply invested in all of our clients, because it’s our business to protect yours. We have no interest in "quick fixes" or “false starts”, as longevity isn’t found in merely filling a position, but in making a placement that feels organic from the onset.

Client Services

  • Conduct exclusive, retained searches and generalized contingent searches on behalf of corporate law departments.
  • Conduct highly focused exclusive, retained searches for partner level and associate level hires for law firms.
  • Conduct generalized contingent searches for partner level and associate level attorneys for law firms.
  • Plan and execute successful recruiting strategies for law firms intent on opening new offices.
  • Assist law firms seeking to merge with other firms.
  • Provide advice about business and economic forces, which impact availability of candidates.
  • Extend client marketing efforts and brand name awareness by disseminating information to the legal community and beyond about an organization's core strengths and market orientation.